Water crisis, population growth in Quetta worries Raisani

High ranking politician and former senator Haji Lashkari Raisani questioned the provincial government regarding the construction of government buildings in Quetta.

Speaking at a Quetta Development Front ceremony at the Quetta press club, the former senator said running the city was necessary to minimize problems in the provincial capital.

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He called for the construction of government and non-government buildings in other towns instead of Quetta. He said construction in Quetta was causing complications for the masses and helping to hinder development. He said the problems and crises in the city are increasing day by day. “If these issues are not resolved immediately, the day is not far off when Quetta will become a ghost town,” he said.

The Baloch leader further said that Quetta was treated as an unhappy town. He claimed that those without electoral constituencies were gifted voters from Quetta and elected as the city’s MPA and MNA. He criticized the elected MPA and MNA, alleging that they were not elected by the people, but made to pass their time. “People and parties imposed are never accountable to the masses,” he said.

He said Quetta faces two key issues: the water crisis and population growth. Amid a lack of city management, problems continued to mount and “selected representatives” were unaware of anything, he argued.

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He added that the root cause of the rise to power of “selected” candidates was that the masses and their “selected representatives” continued to fight. He added that Baluchistan abounds in natural resources with a sea of ​​eight hundred kilometers. “If there was something missing in Baluchistan, it was solidarity,” he said, adding that people here value their personal interests more.