Warminster Native One of many consumers to learn about Busch Light’s marketing and branding


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A Warminster native was one of many recently asked about the effectiveness of Busch Light’s marketing

A Warminster native was one of many people who were recently asked about the marketing effectiveness of Busch Light. Kate Bernot wrote about the local beer fan in Happy beer hunting.

As inflation begins to weigh on the beer industry, many consumers are still taking notice of popular brands’ marketing and branding strategies, which have a greater impact on sales than company values. .

One such consumer is Michael Starnes, a 23-year-old Warminster native and graduate of William Tennent High School. Starnes explained how branding the drinks was something he noticed before he became a fan.

“I really like [Busch Light’s] packaging; it stands out,” Starnes said. “All of their giveaways and Instagram, the way they really engage with their followers…they’re a pretty awesome brand overall.”

Working in finance in the Philadelphia area leaves Starnes outside the brand’s core demographic. But since trying the marketing-based beer, he’s become a fan; he even stocked up on their apple flavored drink before it was out of season.

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