Top priority to reduce crime rate: new Panchkula CP | Chandigarh News

As Panchkula’s new police commissioner, Dr. Hanif Qureshi, takes charge, the 1996 IPS officer briefs Arvind Bishnoi on his plans to make the neighborhood crime-free and safer for residents.

CHANDIGAR: As Panchkula’s new police commissioner, Dr. Hanif Qureshi, takes charge, the 1996 IPS officer briefs Arvind Bishnoi on his plans to make the neighborhood crime-free and safer for residents.
Lack of staff is a major problem in Panchkula. And with VIP duties, most police forces stay busy there? What measures will be taken to increase staff?
The Haryana Police fill vacancies from time to time. The state government has recently made recruitments and we will have our share after they are formed. At present, Panchkula Police has 1,350 sanctioned positions, of which about 300 are vacant.
Most of these positions are officers of the rank of Constable and Chief of Police. I will check whether the current force is working effectively and efficiently. A workforce audit will be carried out. I will also ask the ACPs and SHOs to see what they can do best in their field with the strength they have with them.
Cyber ​​fraud cases are increasing day by day. In addition to raising public awareness, what are the steps to be taken?
It takes much less time to deceive someone online than any other crime. We have cyber counters in every police station in addition to a special 1930 number for filing complaints, which people can contact if necessary. Apart from sensitization, we will provide training to our police personnel from Haryana Police Cyber ​​Training Centers to perform well in solving cyber cases. My main objective is to train public officials to detect, investigate and prosecute in the right way while working on cases.
Panchkula is connected to the borders of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Chandigarh. Drugs like charas, ganja, illicit alcohols are usually smuggled from border areas. What steps will you take to stop this problem?
I will be setting up meetings with my team and neighboring state police departments and taking their input. Other than that, various resident and market welfare associations will be asked to provide information related to alcohol and illicit drugs from their areas. Reaching the supplier and fixing the problem at the root will be my area of ​​focus.
Mining business is increasing in the district. What do you think is the best way to stop them?
Identifying illegal mining is the job of the mining department. I can assure the Department of Mines that police support will be provided whenever necessary to combat illegal mining.
Traffic jams, traffic accidents and non-compliance with traffic regulations are common in Panchkula. What steps will you take to end these problems?
With the increase in population, traffic is increasing in almost every city in India. My goal will be to make the roads safer for commuters. I will check the accident prone areas and identify the black spots. By holding meetings with NHAI, PWD and other engineering departments, technical defects on highways and city roads will be identified and corrected so that roads can become safer for commuters.
The beat system seems to have disappeared in the neighborhood. Are you going to relaunch this system?
In a recent meeting of all Directors General of Police (DGP), it was decided to relaunch the beat system nationwide and we received instructions from the DGP office to make this beat system work effectively. I will check where the beat system is not working and focus on reviving it fully as it is an important part of policing to identify criminals and illegal activity in the area.
What is your priority as the best cop in Panchkula Police Station?
This is my first assignment in Panchkula district and my priority will be crime prevention through detection, police presence and patrols. People feel confident and criminals develop fear after seeing the police presence on the roads. Crime against women will not be tolerated at all. Police officials must remain very sensitive when dealing with such cases and proper investigation is needed to resolve such cases.