The Greek island which registers population growth – 4th in Greece, 1st in the Cyclades

The Greek island of Ios has recorded an increase in its population according to 2021 census data, officially announced by the Hellenic Statistical Service (ELSTAT). Specifically, a 13.5% increase was measured from 2,024 residents in 2011 to 2,297 in 2021.

Based on the proportional increase in population, these figures rank the municipality fourth nationally and at the top of the ranking of the regional unit of the Cyclades.

Expressing his joy for the event, the Mayor of Ios, Mr. Gkikas Gkikas said, “Official data has confirmed what we are all experiencing: our island is growing and developing. We become more, so that our voice is heard more.

“We are working in this direction as a municipal authority, and so we are committed to continuing.

“Improving the living conditions of our fellow citizens, overcoming the obstacles of insularity as much as possible and creating incentives for a permanent stay on our island all year round and not only seasonally.

“We all know that, especially during the winter months, life on the island is difficult. We fight against adversity and constantly strengthen our infrastructures and services to ensure a more comfortable and quality daily life for everyone.

“We send a strong message that our Ios is getting better every day. It can be a small island, but it can become a model island.

“We have set ourselves this goal and we are working together to achieve it.”

After all, Ios is an example of an island that follows developments and adapts to new tourism and travel demands.

In the 70s it was the refuge of hippies and in the 80s and 90s it was the first destination for young people in Greece and abroad for a party until the morning.

Ios island

Gradually however, from the 2000s, realizing that the travel experience is changing, he shows reflexes and adapts quickly.

Its beaches, its landscape and its traditional and modern gastronomy can compete with the rest of the popular islands of the Cyclades and beyond.

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Without renouncing the lively nightlife, it has modernized its accommodation with renovations and the creation of new luxury hotels with excellent facilities and has emphasized the local culinary tradition, thus winning the interest of travelers again. .

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