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Strategygram: The Elasticity of Affection

ET brings part twenty-seven of Strategygrams’ weekly series.

This week’s Strategygram titled “The Elasticity of Affection” is part of a series created by Sattar Khan, a branding consultant. Each Strategygram condenses a strategic thought into a single image. The collectible series is a visual guide to strategic thinking and provides handy image prompts for your branding workouts.

It is a universally recognized truth that a famous brand must need to expand its domain to other categories.

It’s less universally recognized – with a nod to Miss Austen – that a brand will go into this dubious endeavor with diligent dedication to the usual marketing playbook – it will transmute its essence; he will transfer his basic skill; it will turn out to be complementary products; it will associate itself with partners; it will transition into new brand territory – and it will do all of these things, only to fail.

Consider the folder.

The world’s most famous lighter brand presents fragrances for women in packs that resemble the shape of the brand’s lighter and intensifies this association with the slogan “Light your power”.

The world’s most famous toothpaste brand is launching microwave dinner shows, assuming people will enjoy eating entrees such as beef lasagna from the maker of a mint toothpaste.

The world’s most famous brand of motorcycles, seen in countless Hollywood movies, with its roaring engines driven by fierce-looking bearded men, presents a cake decorating kit.

The world’s most famous denim jeans brand presents three-piece suits for men.

The world’s most famous brand of disposable pens, razors and lighters presents disposable underwear for women.

The world’s most famous packaged goods distributor is launching a toothpaste named after its skincare brand.

The world’s most famous bottled natural spring water brand introduces a bra, believing that the water-filled support bra will provide women with a cooler alternative to regular bras during the hot summer months. ‘summer.

Should we continue?

A brand, as you know, is more than a private label; this is the meaning processed by people.

Successful brand extension doesn’t start with the brand – brand essence or brand purpose, brand core competency or brand territory, brand co-branding partners or brand muscle distribution of the brand – it starts with the mental scenario of the potential consumer, the role it plays and the potential to make the brand an accessory and a facilitator to enact this scenario.

All of the brands we have referenced here were highly regarded by consumers and yet when it came to these brand name and fame based extensions, the elasticity of consumer affection only stretched. not. Love has its limits. As singer Meat Loaf once said, “I’d do anything for love, but I won’t this.”

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