Hamilton’s population increased by 32,436 between the 2016 and 2021 censuses, bringing our total population estimate to 569,353, a 6.04% increase from the 2016 population estimate of Hamilton. 536,917. Downtown Hamilton and Greater Downtown 11.7% of population growth over those five years occurred within or near the province’s defined downtownRead More →

Nigeria’s population grew by 15.9 million in four years, with the northern regions accounting for 68.67% of the new population. This is based on figures from the latest National Bureau of Statistics report on Nigeria’s demographics, using data from the National Population Commission. The study showed that Nigeria’s population grewRead More →

For the first time since 2016, Alaska’s population has increased, according to population estimates released Thursday by the state Department of Labor. The state’s population grew by 932 people from April 2020 to July 2021, according to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. This 0.1% change increased theRead More →

On January 1, at the stroke of midnight, New York City welcomed its first new inhabitant of 2022: Leyla Gessel Tzunun Garcia, born at the start of the new year at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn. With changing population and fertility trends, however, there is less competition to become theRead More →

Texas gained more residents than any other state between July 2020 and July 2021, according to recent data from the US Census Bureau. With a July 2021 population of 29,527,941, the Lone Star State recorded the largest annual and cumulative numerical gain, increasing by 310,288 (1.1%) and 382,436 (1.3%) respectively.Read More →

MANILA, Philippines – The Filipino population is expected to grow by just 0.3% or 324,000 in 2021, according to the Commission on Population and Development (Popcom). Popcom, in a statement, said this annual “natural increase” is the lowest since the period between 1946 and 1947, when the population grew byRead More →