Shia council condemns UP population control bill

LUCKNOW The All-India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB) on Monday condemned the UP government’s proposed population control bill and said the government should instead focus on education, employment and reconsider the two-child policy bill with incentives. .
Members of the Executive Committee (EC) of the Board of Trustees gathered in Lucknow on the day where they also spoke at length about the image of Islam be smeared by certain people under the pretext of forced religious conversions.
“The UP Population Control Bill is totally unnecessary and the AISPLB condemns it. Instead, the state government should focus on raising education levels by establishing new schools and colleges and working on community harmony in the state. We urge the central government to clarify its position on the bill and the state government to reconsider the same,” said council secretary general Maulana Yasoob Abbas.
“Under the pretext of acting against religious conversion, some people target Islam, which is highly condemnable. Islam does not accept conversion by force or coercion and only those who convert to Islam accept it on their own by studying its ideals and principles. Nor does religion allow conversion by luring others,” the Shia cleric added.
The EC also passed a resolution to boycott UP Shia Central Waqf board member Waseem Rizvi for his continuous insults and attacks on the Quran and Islam.
“We also demand that the government put in place proper management for the upkeep and restoration of Lucknow’s iconic landmarks under the Husainabad and Allied Trust (HAT) as a long-standing requirement.
Lucknow is known worldwide because of its monuments and many of them are collapsing today for which the HAT and the Archaeological Survey of India should intervene. A management scheme must be put in place,” he added.