Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasizes population growth…

New Delhi: In order to solve the demographic problem that has arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to provide money to women who have 10 or more children. According to the scheme, which includes a one-time payment of £13,500 to conceive and raise 10 children, it is described as a desperate effort by experts.

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Russian political and security expert Dr Jenny Mathers spoke to Times Radio host Henry Bonsu about Russia’s new program known as Mother Heroine, a new initiative launched by Putin to help the decreasing population of the country.

The change came after Russia announced its highest number of daily coronavirus cases since March this year and estimates of the death toll among Ukrainian soldiers approached 50,000.

Dr Mathers said Putin urged people with large families to be more patriotic.

Mr Bonsu said the award was given in Soviet times to mothers of ten or more children. She is called the Heroine Mother.

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He added: “This means that Russia is facing demographic difficulties, struggling to attract enough people to populate the country.”

He claimed that apart from the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 outbreak had severely damaged Russia’s demographics.

“So clearly this is an attempt to motivate Russian women to have more babies and bigger families,” he explained.

“But who will be willing to raise 10 children for £13,500?” Where are they all going to live while they wait? “There are many economic, social and political problems in Russia,” he said.

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