RSS’ Muslim Manch on Population Control Bill Awareness Campaign

The RSS-supported Muslim body Muslim Rashtriya Manch has started to raise awareness about the Population Control Bill in Uttar Pradesh, the first draft of which was released by the State Law Commission of Uttar Pradesh. ‘UP for public comment. He will also soon reflect on how he can play a role in taking ideologically favorable BJP policies in UP to the people in the run-up to assembly polls.

Senior Muslim body officials say support for a population law, uniform civil code, triple talaq and any other legislation proposed or passed with the national interest in mind is part of the campaign in organization course. MRM boss, senior RSS official Indresh Kumar had also spoken of the need for a population law, most recently in Ranchi in March. With the law commission preparing a bill in the UP, the organization has become particularly active in the state, with the aim of dispelling doubts from the minds of “orthodox Muslims”.

“Population is a national issue and any law, if passed, is not aimed at any particular religion. However, sometimes people attach it to a particular religion and this is part of our campaign to clear up those doubts and ideas. false, for which we continue to hold workshops for our workers from time to time, the most recent being in Ghaziabad,” MRM national official Shahid Akhtar told ET. Akhtar said another meeting central committee meeting is scheduled for August, where the UP elections will also be a topic of discussion, in terms of how the organization can help acquaint the people with BJP ideas that are aligned with its ideology .

“There are orthodox Muslims who have opposed the provisions of the draft – some of them also have a political bent. We have always championed any legislation that is in the interest of the nation and UP has given a platform for a population bill so we raise awareness about it,” Anil Singh, head of Awadh region in Manch, told ET.

In March this year, Kumar had in Ranchi, said that currently India has less landmass and more population, with 16.5% of the world’s population but only 3.5% of land. He had attributed unemployment to the increase in population and urged the entire political system as well as the parties to take notice of the issue.

The MRM claims to have played a vital role in the wake of the 2019 Ram mandir related Supreme Court verdict in terms of persuading the community to accept the verdict which led to smooth sailing without any opposition or confrontation on the judgement. .

Singh said the organization is also assembling volunteer teams at the district level and training them for the likely third wave, in terms of assistance related to the installation of oxygen machines etc.