Ronn Torossian reveals the power of influencer marketing on Instagram

NEW YORK, USA, April 8, 2022 / — According to Ronn Torossianfounder of 5WPR, influencer marketing can significantly affect the growth of a business. With more and more people using social media to research products, using influencer marketing can only increase brand awareness. Familiar personalities on social media platforms can speak positively about a brand, leading to increased brand awareness among their followers. An influencer is a content creator and often a trusted resource. There are several types of influencers that have different types of followings. They also adopt different means to create content. Influencer marketing works extremely well on Instagram and below are the reasons why.

Higher engagement
When a user posts content on Instagram, engagement comes in the form of likes and comments. Instagram has an engagement rate of 3.21%, which is higher than other social media platforms. Therefore, more people will notice content created by influencers on Instagram.

Instagram is a niche
Instagram is a powerful platform for niche marketing. It’s easy to find a niche on Instagram that a brand might want to tap into. Since Instagram uses hashtags, the target audience will have immediate access to a post that uses hashtags. Some organizations create their own hashtags to increase brand awareness. Pet product influencers use hashtags like #dogstagram to grow their following.

Instagram is not an expensive platform. Influencers on Instagram normally charge a flat fee depending on their reach and the industry they represent. Micro-influencers charge lower fees.

Increases sales
A joint venture with an influencer opens up new opportunities like promotional content and live events. Since more than half of Instagram users block ads, influencer marketing is a better way to increase sales.

Below are strategies that can be adopted to make Instagram influencer marketing work.

Find influencers
A company will be judged according to the partners with which it wishes to associate. It is crucial for brands to find influencers who share their values. A background check of potential influencers is necessary. Their followers should also match a brand’s target audience. If an influencer can generate interest and create engagement with their content, it is worth partnering with them. Businesses should also steer clear of influencers who use fraudulent tactics to boost their metrics.

Use marketing tools
Torossian says brands can also research influencers using marketing tools. For example, Awario is a popular software that can find influencers in a certain niche. For niche influencers on Instagram, better do a Google search. To avoid fake influencers, companies need to check their engagement rates. Fake influencers do not have substantial engagement on their posts in the form of likes and comments. Many of their followers are also spam accounts.

Review content
Analyzing an influencer’s content also helps to better understand their niche. Posts that look aesthetically appealing don’t always get great engagement. If there is no review of an influencer’s content, partnering with them can be a risky investment.

Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR, a leading public relations agency.

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