Pro-life lawyer Atienza denounces government position on population control

On Thursday, a House leader slammed the government for pretending that the economy would not prosper without population control.

Deputy Speaker of the House and representative of the BUHAY party list, Lito Atienza, released the statement after Socio-Economic Planning Secretary Karl Chua cited the “crucial role of reproductive health and health programs. family planning ”with the government’s goal of eradicating poverty by 2040.

Rather than using it as an alibi for failure, Atienza said the government should realize that our growing population is the country’s greatest asset as a nation.

“Instead of interfering with God’s plan, the government should do its job of providing employment and livelihood opportunities for every Filipino,” said Atienza, also the senator’s vice president of elections and boxing icon. Manny Pacquiao in the May 2022 polls.

Chua unveiled the government’s reproductive health and family planning programs on Monday at the International Interministerial Conference on Population and Development jointly organized by Partners for Population and Development (PPD) and the United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA).

Speaking to foreign ministers and senior government officials from the 27 PPD member states, Chua said the Philippine government recognizes the crucial role of reproductive health and family planning programs in pursuing its long-term vision. aiming to eradicate extreme poverty by 2040.

But Atienza said: “Once again, our economic planners are using the scarecrow of the population as an alibi for the government’s failure to eradicate the real cause of widespread poverty, which is corruption. Once again, they are stifling population control under the guise of sound economic policy. “

Atienza, who is a staunch defender of life, has consistently denied the government’s long-standing position of blaming population growth for the country’s poverty.

“For decades, the government has consistently blamed the country’s people for its inability to fight corruption, which is the root cause of the poverty in which millions of Filipinos live. On the contrary, it is our honest and tough people. active and dedicated Filipino workers overseas who keep the economy afloat, ”he said.

“Even if there were only 100 Filipinos here, but if half of them were corrupt, then the country would still be poor!” Our country has also been endowed with an abundance of natural resources that only a few use and abuse, instead of being used by and providing much needed income for our farmers and fishermen, ”Atienza added.

Atienza said the problem of extreme poverty affecting a large number of Filipino families should be treated positively by the government instead of giving them massive doses of anti-life programs that would only destroy the future of the country.