Pressed with purpose, HLC Events leads new marketing point with Memories

SAN FRANCISCO, CA/ACCESSWIRE/March 28, 2022/ People crave experiences, both tangible and spectating. Memories are best created when we’re involved in the action, or part of the scenery, and HLC Events is pioneering a new era of “experiential marketing” that seeks to elevate the impressions we build from our engagements. .

Founded in 2018, Gavin and Jennifer Ambrose began the first iterations of HLC Events as suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality leather goods, earning a reputation in the Rocky Mountain States as true professionals of craftsmanship through at Hellhound Leather Co. With the advent of their experiential marketing arm, they introduced a long list of services ranging from monogrammed leather goods and gold-embossed trinkets to personally engraved glassware and keepsakes, all lovingly crafted in their Utah property. Each item echoes a golden age of craftsmanship, where masters of the craft oversaw an entire creation from conception to final execution, ensuring their pieces reflect their unparalleled integrity.

In 2021, the Ambroses turned their attention to maximizing their offerings by stepping into a frontier of marketing strategy that has been barely exploited, if at all, in the age of digital coexistence. Experiential marketing hasn’t quite achieved buzzword status, but it’s a technique that many professionals seek out to improve their business, whether it’s brand activation, events promotional, weddings, trade show or increased party favors. The unique aspect of experiential marketing is that it puts the viewer in the driver’s seat, allowing viewers not only to walk away with something of value, but also to mark the memory of the drawing board and beyond. HLC Events moved from a traditional market of crafted goods and established itself as a leader in creating practical keepsakes, giving a sharp edge to their existing arsenal of handcrafted treats and providing their customers with an experience they will never forget. never. And even if they have forgotten, the physical memory is warm to the touch.

Although based in northern Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, HLC Events is committed to providing anyone who wants to elevate their business and are willing to travel wherever needed. . Currently, they offer five freelance crafting services that are completely portable and easy to set up for any occasion or space, and their team of seasoned creatives is ready to plan, present, and execute your ideas through detailed description stage. , working to make these ideas a reality for you and your guests. Some services don’t even require electricity, such as wet leather monograms, which would be perfect for outdoor retreats, seasonal excursions, or remote gatherings. Classic monogrammed leather imbues a sense of royalty and sophistication that leaves a warm impression, and HLC events come complete with a manual leather press that strikes a room with that timeless feel of handcrafted artistry, which your clients or guests can bring back at home with them in a variety of shapes or forms. Key fobs or luggage tags, for example, are carefully pressed with the desired name or message in moments, and the gift-bearer consults with the artisan to craft the best keepsake possible, stamped with intoxicating finesse.

These types of experiences give people something to hold on to and something to hold on to, putting any function etched by the HLC Events leagues above your average party. With the hyper-development of social media and the weight that online impressions continue to have, a simple brand activation business requires more than a media backdrop…customers want something a little more away, something that invites conversation and gives them bragging rights. HLC Events tapped into its craft market and brought the creations (and lab) into the space, offering homemade treats onsite and in view.

HLC Events live art is highly customizable and serves as an extension of your brand identity, making room for powerful impacts at corporate parties, graduation celebrations, bridal showers, you l call…the extent of the creative community is decided between you and the artists. In addition to pressed leather memorabilia, HLC Events is also home to skilled professionals who provide gold embossing, engraving and glass engraving, small group leather craft experiences and, soon enough, henna body art. All of these practices are supported with the finest materials available in the country, sourcing top of the line equipment that results in a memory full of intent and quality. The engraving is used freehand with the copperplate script, the vegetable-tanned leather is sourced from American tanneries, and the gold leaf is permanent, premium quality, and will not fade or flake over time. It goes without saying that attendees of your next event will walk away with a concrete relic that will last them a lifetime. You can’t recreate memories like that.

The steady rise of experiential marketing is only taking over our set of “best practices,” leading to an exciting new chapter of organizing and observing the key characteristics of our professional and personal orbits. HLC Events is at the helm of this ship, unleashing a new approach to impressionable networking that seamlessly blends archaic artistry with fortified impact. In the future, we can expect to see more people yearning for publicity with purpose, and forces like HLC Events are ready with tools of the trade that give a little excitement with their donations.


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