Population growth: stakeholders call on the government to develop livestock farming

As Nigeria’s population continues to improve, participants in a one-day workshop identified tax reduction, livestock census, capacity building and adequate security as panaceas to improve the development of the breeding in the country.

They took a stand at a conference organized by the Oyo State Agricultural Development Agency, OYSADA, on the theme: Developing evidence-based plans, policies and investment options in the livestock sector, held at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA, Ibadan.

Participants denounced a situation in which the country was importing livestock from neighboring states to feed its population by calling for commercial livestock production.

A Senior Lecturer in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Ibadan, Prof. Olugbenga Ogunwole and Managing Director of a dairy production company, Adekunle Olayiwola, lamented the totality of various levies at different levels of government, claiming that overtaxing food would unnecessarily drive up the cost.

Prof. Olugbenga and Mr. Adekunle also highlighted the need for funding and data for good planning and good roads and urged the government to bring in extension officers for the improved livestock sector.

Speaking at the forum, the Director General of Oyo State Agricultural Development Agency, Dr. Debo Akande said the program was set up to design a strategic plan for the state of Oyo. ‘Oyo to improve its livestock sector.

Dr Akande hinted that the action and direction of the current government is delivering results, as recently released statistics from NASE indicate that between 2019 and 2020 agricultural production is higher than it has been since 2013, while the size of state land is cultivate for five crops cumulatively increased to 40 acres of land.

Earlier, IITA Deputy Director General Dr Ken Dashiell, represented by Sore Zaina, called the conference timely given the growing population, calling on the government to put in place infrastructure and the right technology for the livestock sector to meet the needs of the population. people.

The program which involved academics, breeders, investors, researchers, policy makers, the Miyetti Allah Association allowed stakeholders to rub shoulders and find ways to improve animal production.

Iyabo Adebisi