Population growth and insecurity necessitated revision of Abuja master plan — FCDA – The Sun Nigeria

The Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Mr. Shehu Ahmad, said the increasing population growth in the FCT has prompted the FCT administration to review the Abuja master plan.

In a statement made available to reporters on Thursday, he said insecurity was also among the reasons asking the administration to conduct the review.

The statement said Ahmad revealed this during the opening ceremony of the Abuja branch of the week 2022 and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE).

According to him, the administration is already considering a general overhaul of the Abuja master plan to accommodate some of the issues that are not really being considered due to population growth.

He said that the administration was already working on the general revision of the plan, adding that it was an issue already in progress.

He revealed that initially the master plan called for three phases allowing for expansion to the north and south of the city, but the development was already out of bounds.

“We will invite all stakeholders when the time comes; we have to sit down and articulate things, as well as invite them into the landscaping, not just what we see elsewhere.

“If you check, Dawaki is well planned, Katampe expansion is different from what you have seen elsewhere, Apo is a bit planned but there is something that needs to be done.

“The obvious thing is that the Abuja master plan is not sacrosanct and needs a general review.

“The initial relocation of Apo was done to accommodate the natives who were moved from there, so it was a bit planned, but it’s not the same when you move somewhere else,” he said. he declares. (NOPE)