Population control program must continue without imbalance, says Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that the population control program must continue successfully, but at the same time “demographic imbalance” must not occur.

The Chief Minister said: “It should not happen that the speed of population growth or the percentage of certain communities is high and that we stabilize the population of the ‘moolniwasi’ (indigenous) through awareness or law enforcement. .”

“It is a matter of concern for all countries where there is a situation of demographic imbalance,” he added.

Yogi Adityanath launched the ‘Population Stability Pankhwada’ in Lucknow on the occasion of World Population Day. He was speaking at a reception marking the start of the ‘population control fortnight’.

“At present, Uttar Pradesh has a population of 24 crore which is likely to cross the 25 crore mark. It is a challenge and we have to control it,” he said.


The Chief Minister said: “If we are talking about stabilizing the population, it is necessary to rise above caste, creed, region, language and join a comprehensive program of sensitization and equality in society The effort to stabilize the population must be pursued by public means participation and interministerial coordination.

The Chief Minister pointed out that whenever we talk about population stabilization, we must keep in mind that the population control program must continue successfully, but at the same time, a situation of demographic imbalance does not must not occur.

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The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has said that for five decades, mass sensitization programs on population stabilization have been held in the country.

He was quoted by PTI as saying, “A balanced population is a success for society on some scale, but it will only remain a success when society remains healthy and disease-free.”

“If we have a skilled workforce, that’s a feat for society, but where there is disease, scarcity of resources and disorder, population explosion becomes a challenge in itself,” he said. tweeted the Chief Minister’s Office in Hindi.

Since Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in the country, Yogi Adityanath pointed out that ASHA sisters, Aaganwadi workers, village pradhans, teachers and others can work with the department of health. He said that collective efforts are needed in the direction of stabilizing the population.

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