Population control awareness campaign underway in the district

Faizan Hashmi

MULTAN, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – September 7, 2022): Mobile service units of the population protection department were actively working to raise awareness of population control in remote areas of the district.

Mobile service units working under the supervision of trained female doctors raise women’s awareness.

Aftab Ahmed Awan, District People’s Welfare Officer, voiced these views in an interview at the public relations office. He was accompanied by Deputy District Officer Muhammad Hassan.

He further informed that the department is also contacting the preachers of mosques so that they can inform people about the immense spread of the population.

Mr Aftab said the department’s family health clinics also work at the tehsil level where surgery and other medical facilities are provided. Apart from this, 64 wellness centers also provide services throughout the district.

The District People’s Welfare Officer said that an awareness campaign will also be conducted through social media under the leadership of the Director General of People’s Welfare of Punjab Saman Rai. An integrated awareness campaign is being launched through videos and other informative messages, he concluded.