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Have you heard of it. It’s about directing your marketing message specifically to the audience most receptive to what you’re selling, and doing it in the most engaging way. Today’s technology and data management techniques make this easier than ever.

Whether you promote through physical delivery methods (like direct mail or brochures) or through digital channels, you want to be able to get your message to the right people at the right time.

The most successful companies with direct mail target their prospects in two categories. The right geography and the right demography.

While geography is less important to online businesses, most business is still local where proximity matters.

The most common geographic identifications are by county, zip code, carrier route, or a selected radius (eg, five miles around your business). A saturation mailing is when you send mail to all households in the geographic area you select. While you get the best postage rate, even better than EDDM® – Ever Door Direct Mail®, you can also send your message to households that don’t best match your prospect profile.

To improve your results, you can “target” households in your selected geographic territory that share the demographics of your best customers. Since postage is the most expensive element of direct mail, “targeting” will allow you to bypass households that are less likely to respond to your message, saving your business money.

There are hundreds of ways to narrow down the list. It takes analysis and testing to find the best set of demographic selections for your business.

A “reverse lookup” is a report showing a demographic analysis of your customer base.

You provide a confidential list of addresses of customers who most recently purchased from you. The list is then compared against hundreds of characteristics to determine the best demographic selections that mimic your best customers. Then, a list of prospects with similar characteristics in the targeted area is generated.

An Andrick & Associate consultant will help you analyze your first One-to-One marketing candidate. We’re here to help you target your best customer and get the most out of your marketing investment.

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