Overcoming Marketing Challenges with Goose Digital in the Face of the Great Resignation

The impact of high turnover is that companies find it difficult to use marketing programs to achieve their business goals

The past two years have fueled the continuing wave of the great resignation, challenging nearly every aspect of the job. Although these developments have affected different business functions, marketing departments are feeling the brunt of the changes.

The impact of high turnover is that companies find it difficult to use marketing programs to achieve their business goals because new hires need time to catch up and see results.

In the face of the great resignation, it is essential to explore the opportunities and challenges of achieving marketing results in today’s job market.

The current labor market landscape

Marketing departments struggle to find qualified candidates with the specific skills required for the job. Even though there is a high demand for marketers, the number of applicants for marketing positions today is low.

Even among these few candidates, companies still struggle to recruit a candidate with the right mix of required skills. It can take up to four months to fill positions like marketing manager or senior salesperson.

How Marketers Adapt to High Turnover

During these times, marketing managers try to get creative to keep their departments staffed. For example, some companies are responding by reassessing their marketing teams to identify how they can use available talent differently and fill vacancies.

Organizations are also responding by adopting hybrid working arrangements. This arrangement allows a company to tap into a large pool of talented young people who prefer to work from home.

Companies are more inclined to work with external suppliers by outsourcing most marketing functions. The main benefit of this strategy is that vendors like Goose Digital have the marketing automation tools to keep everything running even when turnover is high.

When is it right to work with a marketing agency?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including your budget, digital marketing goals, and stage of business growth. However, it is essential to outsource marketing functions when hiring full-time human resources would be too long or costly.

The best solution for most businesses is to find a marketing agency that can provide several services such as strategic advice, creative design and content creation, campaign execution, as well as reports and information on data. The value/cost ratio far exceeds what it would take to hire some or all of these roles in-house.

Keep your marketing department moving

The talent shortage in the marketing industry is real, and companies are struggling to find the right mix of skills. The good news is that organizations are responding well by outsourcing most marketing functions. While that’s a good answer, companies shouldn’t hesitate to rehire some of their top marketers who left during the continuing wave of the great resignation.

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