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What to do in an already crowded market? Launch a great app? At least that’s what Tata did. Tata has launched its much-delayed super app Tata Neu, a gateway to all Tata services, from the Taj group of hotels to Vistara, Big basket and 1mg. But does India even need a super app?

A region becomes super app-ready when a good portion of its population first uses a smartphone instead of a desktop computer and the app is customized for local needs. Superapps have been popular in Asia for a very long time. China has WeChat, an app that started as a simple messaging platform but now provides every type of service possible. Similarly, Singapore has Grab, Vietnam has Zalo, South Korea has Kakao and so on.

Unlike those countries, the super app ecosystem in India is still in its thriving phase and, more importantly, it is focused on financial services. There are already too many companies battling in the arena. The likes of Paytm, Amazon and Reliance Jio have already amassed huge consumer bases providing a host of services ranging from financial payments, streaming to e-commerce. Meta is not far behind with its 487 million WhatsApp users in India. Then there is PhonePe supported by Flipkart.

Tata may be too late, especially since it does not address specific target groups. Tata has combined its luxury services with the basic necessities. A person with a pocket for basic necessities will never set eyes on something like the Taj group of hotels. How then will Tata keep consumers in its own ecosystem?

If the company markets the app with Tata Pay at its core, it will have to compete with Paytm and Gpay. If it focuses on e-commerce, it will face Amazon and Flipkart. Let’s just say the road ahead for Tata Neu is not easy. Although, knowing Tata, you can bet it will do something about the app, whether it’s the leader in super apps or just a window into its wide range of products.

However, it wasn’t just Tata that made the news this week. The Elon Musk and Twitter saga took a huge leap of faith, as Musk offered to buy the entire company. In today’s solos, we wonder if Musk embraces issues with both hands.

This week’s BE Saal Baad takes a look back at the Bajaj light bulb ad from 1985, which covered all stages of a person’s life from childhood to old age.

Reda Fatma Mobin

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