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New Twitter update allows ‘good bots’ to self-identify

The microblogging social media platform Twitter has introduced a new feature allowing automated accounts (also known as “bots”) to identify themselves as “good bots” by adding a tag to their profile – helping people tell the difference between automated accounts accounts managed by humans.

The brand claims that the tag will allow all automated accounts to have the option to add the new tag to their account profile and will give people additional information about the bot, and help them decide which accounts to follow, interact with. and trust.

According to the company, this update is the result of research that found people wanted more context around the accounts they interacted with – the tag will help give “good bots” (those who share information useful/relevant and intend to truly improve the Twitter experience) a way to increase their legitimacy and build trust and transparency with their audience.

Commenting on the recent update, the company said: “We’re all looking for ways to clean up our deadlines these days – and there are a whole host of ‘good bots’ on Twitter that can help us do that. Good bots can help people find useful, entertaining and relevant information every day – from sharing Covid-19 updates to notifying traffic updates, to helping them find internships. There is a whole community of developers working hard to create really useful and interesting bots.

Tech giants are under increasing pressure to better balance privacy and ad targeting, as users complain and regulators threaten to toughen rules – but the companies themselves are trying to maintain access to valuable data that help them earn billions in ad revenue. Currently, the Internet search giant assigns an identity to devices running Android, which allows advertisers to have a profile of people’s online habits and thus send them advertisements likely to interest them. ..