! Murcia today – The region of Murcia leads in relative population growth in Spain

Publication date: 04/22/2022

The population of the Region of Murcia now reaches 1,531,439 people

In 2021, the Region of Murcia recorded a population growth of 0.9%, the highest relative increase in all of Spain and well above the national average. With 12,953 additional people registered last year, the Region’s total population reached 1,531,439.

In Spain as a whole, the total population stood at 47,435,597 on January 1, an increase of 50,490 since the previous year; this boost should serve to offset the tragic decrease suffered in 2020, the first year of the pandemic, when 65,688 people lost their lives.

Of the total registered citizens of Spain, 88.4% are Spanish while 11.6% are foreign nationals. Over the past 12 months, the number of EU nationals in Spain has increased by 0.8%, while non-EU citizens have increased by 1.5%.

The average age of the population in Spain continues to rise: the average age of Spaniards in 2022 is 45 and foreigners are coming in at 37.1, which is younger than the EU average of 39 ,6 years.

The oldest foreign residents in Spain are the British, with an average of 54.1, followed by Germany (50) and France (43).

The largest population increase in absolute terms last year occurred in the Valencian Community (32,701 more people) while the most populous community in Spain is Andalusia.

Image: Archive