Michigan Candidate Seeks To Enforce Birth Control Ban, ‘God’s Moral Order’

Jacky Eubanks is running for Michigan Legislature with a ‘no reservations’ approval of Donald Trump who calls her “a patriot of America”.

His schedule?

Ban contraception, homosexual marriage and impose the “Christian moral order” on the nation.

Eubanks, a Gen Z curator who falsely claims Trump won the 2020 election in Michigan, revealed his extreme views in an interview on “Church Militant”, a digital media service that has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “anti-LGBTQ hate group”.

Church Militant is led by Michael Voris, a former television journalist and former gay man who has been criticized as a leader of the “Catholic alt-right.” (Church Militant has strained relations with real church leaders; it was originally known as RealCatholicTV until the Archdiocese of Detroit told Voris it was not “authorized” use the word Catholic in its branding.)

In the interview, Posted on Eubank’s Facebook campaign page on Thursday, she insisted she was not a typical politician, “walking in the ways of the wicked”, and said her campaign was a manifestation of ” God bringing together a coalition of true conservatives to save this country. ”

Voris and Eubanks engaged in a long discussion about politics and faith. “We see everything that happens with deer right now – the left is getting completely uncorked and losing its mind,” Voris said. “They say, ‘They’re coming after your gay marriage next. They come after your birth control. He paused before adding with a smile, “Well, you know what… Yes!”

Eubanks agreed and launched into a fundamentalist diatribe. “You can’t have a prosperous society outside of the Christian moral order,” she asserted, insisting that “things like abortion and things like same-sex marriage are outside of the Christian moral order.” ‘Christian moral order’. Eubanks added: “They lead to chaos and destruction and a culture of death; we have abandoned the Christian moral order as a nation and we are reaping this destruction.

When Voris suggested to Eubanks that his political opponents probably portray this as extreme, Eubanks retorted, “I don’t see what we believe as extreme at all. We must return to the moral order of God. It’s not radical. God’s morality is for everyone,” she said. “You cannot have happiness outside the moral order of God.”

Voris then went deeper into contraception, specifically, asking Eubanks if she would use her vote in the Michigan state house to make it illegal. “We have a declining population. We have an underpopulation problem. All of this could be avoided if we were a truly pro-life nation,” Eubanks said. If contraception were to be voted on, she insisted, “I should agree that it is not legal”. Eubanks then lambasted the notion of “paying sex”, saying a birth control ban would encourage people to “expect marriage, practice chastity”.

Such remarks from Trump-endorsed Eubanks — who also vowed she would work to ensure abortion is illegal in Michigan — could heighten the former president’s anxiety that his role in appointing judges anti-choice could cloud its outlook in 2024 with suburban female voters.

Such concerns were not a priority for Voris. Clearly thrilled with Eubanks, he warned her, “You’re going to get the Marjorie Taylor Greene treatment.”

Eubanks agreed – “They’re going to try to call me crazy,” she said – and insisted the Georgia MP was her political hero, particularly for standing up to “the radical agenda transgender people” trolling a fellow congressman.

The interview ended with Eubanks and Voris bashing the political left. “He’s using mob violence to achieve his political goals,” Eubanks said, “which is why we saw them burning down the country in the summer of 2020 — all because of ‘Saint’ George Floyd.”

Warning that the left will “resort to mob violence” when it sees that it “loses politically,” Eubanks concluded with a stern warning about how it intends to wield state power. “I hope that, by the grace of God, we can use the political positions of legal power that the conservatives obtain to crush this revolutionary force,” she said. “On my corpse, this country will be communist – and I mean it.”

Watch part of the interview below: