Method Music – Project & Marketing Assistant

Project and Marketing Assistant

Assist in the development and implementation of artist development and releases in support of Method Records & Management’s existing infrastructure. This includes work in marketing, digital marketing, streaming, fan base development and the extended functions that go into developing artists from their very first release to successful album releases and beyond. .


You will have highly professional communication skills in order to liaise directly with artists, their management teams and wider support teams including record labels, publishers, promotion teams, lawyers, live agents and third-party partners, among others. You will be detailed and diligent in all aspects of the role to ensure the high standard expected of Method by our artists and partners.

A passion for music is essential; Method is an exciting and dynamic musical environment where we foster a culture of contribution around music and innovation within the music industry. Although the role and responsibilities are described below, there is no limit to what you can bring to the position.

Roles and responsibilities
  • Coordinate and manage pre-release assets including audio, artwork, video, label copy and metadata for initiation and delivery to label partners and distributors for release.
  • Distribution of resources (audio, artwork and more) and communications (promotional updates and more) to internal and external artist teams.
  • Management of deadlines; manage effective deadlines to ensure artists and releases meet deadlines when necessary.
  • Administrative tasks include managing and maintaining a number of files and their data such as ISRCs, UPCs and tag copying.
  • Assist in gathering and producing campaign updates based on performance reports from PR, radio, streaming and other related promotional areas.
  • Help produce proposals and assets in support of establishing marketing ideas for artists considering the big picture of the artist, positioning of the artist and alignment of brand, demographics and more.
  • Contribute to marketing ideas in which to develop exciting areas for fan development and retention.
  • Coordinate artists’ promotional schedules if necessary.
  • Work with artist management teams to coordinate artist travel and accommodations for writing and promotional trips.
  • You will be proficient in using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Notion, among others.
  • Ability to browse a number of music data platforms and dashboards such as Spotify For Artists, Apple of Artists, and ChartMetric, among others. Familiarity with design programs such as Photoshop desirable but not essential.
  • Ability to articulate and write about artists and their music for presentations and proposals is desirable.