Meerut couple from Lko want to push for population control law

A couple from Meerut arrived in the state capital on Tuesday to raise awareness about population control by holding a rotating “reverse march”.

They plan to meet Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to demand that the state enact a population control law.

“Over the past 28 years, we have written approximately 80,000 letters to various prime ministers and chief ministers on the issue,” they said. They said that so far their efforts to meet with leaders on the matter have not yielded results.

Carrying placards, social activist couple Dinesh Talwar, (51) and his wife Disha (47), launched their campaign from Hazratganj, which they say aims to raise awareness among the government and the masses about the impact negative of population increase.

“We have arrived in Lucknow after walking from Meerut and for the next three days we will be raising awareness of the need for a population control policy. We hope the CM will meet us,” they said.

The Talwar couple, who have led this campaign since 1994, said they have traveled to more than 300 cities.

They said they were raising awareness through reverse padyatra and giving empty postcards to the masses and encouraging them to write to the prime minister.

“Even after sending thousands of letters, to date no political party or leader has shown seriousness on the issue. I hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi will look into the demand for population control” The couple said their children Simran and Yash Talwar are supporting their campaign.