Marketing opportunities abound during the summer season

This past Memorial Day weekend was an opportunity for us to pay tribute to those who have fallen in duty to our country. Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer in the United States. In addition, it is an opportunity for retail sales of all kinds and the occasion for travel and outdoor festivities.

According to various news outlets, the last Memorial Day weekend was one of the best business weekends in years.

Summertime can provide marketing and branding opportunities for most organizations. This is especially true if your organization has a local or regional base. By marketing opportunity, I mean the opportunity for branding in support of recreational activities; for example, summer baseball, soccer, and youth and adult basketball leagues have started their seasons. Currently, it is not too late for your organization to offer support to the various recreational leagues in your area.

In addition, traditional festivals, parades and county fairs and similar activities are springing up with new interest and vigor. Each of these organizations depends on donations and a small budget from the local municipality to organize its events. A phone call from your organization offering promotional items, team member event support or booth sales would be appreciated.

Another area to consider during this time is branding your organization within your team. Appropriate summer items which could include hats, beach blankets, coolers or Frisbees, etc. These could accompany your team members when they recreate and visit family and friends. This might be particularly appropriate if there have been concerns about the survival of your organization over the past two years. Your name will be there. Coordinating with larger events in your area that attract visitors is a great way to leverage your marketing efforts. Restaurant weeks, major sporting events, arts festivals, and shows at local venues should be on your radar for engagement and support.

These activities deserve a fresh look due to the advent of social media. An event that might not have appealed to your key marketing audience could be followed by someone who noticed your brand and then alerted their network. That one contact sharing your message could justify your marketing investment in this event.

Two other things to consider: Photographs taken by happy customers, team members with organizational props, and other captured moments could be available on your website and social media in moments. This type of advertising is free and can yield significant benefits. QR codes have proven during the pandemic to be affordable and convenient ways to transfer information to potential customers. You might find new ways for your organization to take advantage of this technology.

Keep in mind that most promotional items can and dare I say should come from local vendors. It doesn’t take too much extra effort to help another small business in your area with this summer marketing opportunity.

Cornell Wright is a consultant, author and business coach. His firm, The Parker Wright Group, located in New Haven, consults with clients in the areas of executive team decision-making, talent optimization through a business partnership relationship with Predictive Index, and training on equity and inclusion, diversity and organizational improvement. He can be reached at 203.521.6748 or [email protected]