Mandatory population control measures needed

Believing that the growing population is an obstacle to the country’s development, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Raj Thackeray on Thursday spoke in favor of putting in place mandatory population control measures in the country.

“Since the population has become a major obstacle to the development process, the time has come to control the population in the country. Until we look carefully at the population issue and do something about it, we will not be able to deal effectively with development issues. If we the people do not agree to take population control measures ourselves, then we will have to make population control mandatory in the country,” Raj said.

While appearing on a show hosted by a major Marathi TV channel, the head of the MNS caused a stir in political circles in the state when he raised the issue of population control.

“I spoke to some leaders of the Center about the need to control the population in the country. I don’t know why people are afraid to talk about this issue. I’m being given to understand that some thinking has already started at the Center,” Raj said.

The MNS leader said people should realize that they stand to gain if they have fewer children. “The question should not be considered from the angle of religion. Whether it is Hindus or Muslims, there should be uniformity in population control,” he said.

Coming with his own logic while pushing for population control in the country, Raj said, “There is a ban on driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol. If people are booked in such cases, they are either fined or sent to jail. Because the number of people driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol has decreased. Likewise, if we want to achieve good goals, we have to make certain things compulsory”.

Holding politicians accountable for the phenomenal population growth in the country, Raj said, “Regardless of their affiliations, political parties should come together and work to build consensus on the issue. For example, thanks to population growth, many small places in Maharashtra have now become cities with large populations.

Responding to a question, Raj said, “What is progress? I don’t think building roads, bridges and seeing cell phones in people’s hands can in any way be called progress.

The question we have to ask ourselves: have we made progress as a country in terms of reflection? What is the barometer of the country’s progress? Even today, the electoral stakes have not changed. We still talk about good roads, electricity and education. That being the case, where has the progress we have made gone? »

The MNS leader has criticized successive state governments for continuing to regularize Mumbai’s slums over the years. banks in the lead, successive governments have continued to lengthen the deadline for regularizing slums. When will this slum regularization game end? If we continue like this, we will destroy Mumbai. This is the situation in all the cities of the country. As a result, taxpayers don’t get what they want,” he said.