Letter to the Editor: Population Control | Letters

Imagine that you are trying to establish a prosperous civilization. Among your immediate concerns would be maintaining the population at near optimal size to maximize sustainable quality of life. Letting each couple decide the size of the family is clearly a losing proposition. Since fertility will naturally peak with the quality of the environment, overshoot is virtually guaranteed. There is a popular idea that letting women control family size offers a solution. This notion conflicts with evolution and confuses stopping population growth with optimizing the population. He has also lulled us into complacency. The modern world with its climate change, global pandemics, environmental devastation and decimated species is a perfect illustration of how failure to control population precipitates disaster. Simply put, a civilization worth its salt must control the population. Anyone attempting in good faith to implement such a system will inevitably recognize abortion as a necessary tool. All this is obvious to an intelligent child, of course. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court, being not made up of smart children, took a break from dismantling democracy to thwart any chance of a viable civilization. Relax your expectations.