Launching a population control campaign


The Department of Population Welfare and Family Planning (PWFP) has launched an awareness campaign to sensitize young people, especially students.

Teams of male and female trainers will interact with students regarding family planning.

Both men and women will go through counseling sessions. To this end, a Male Advisory Center for Family Planning has also been established at Benazir Bhutto General Hospital in Rawalpindi. A vasectomy procedure was performed on 14 men to permanently halt an increase in population growth.

During an interview with The Express Tribune, PWFP District Officer Shireen Sukhan said that in the current era where there is a scarcity of resources and problems such as overcrowding which keeps getting worse, we need effective and practical measures to contain it.

Although an expert human resource is needed for the field work at the district level, with the available resources, our department is still carrying out several activities, she said. “As 50% of our population is made up of young people, the need for better guidance for future planning has increased, therefore, our department has decided to launch an outreach program at the college and university level,” she said. added.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 14e2022.