Lagos will implement population control initiatives to boost human capital development

The Lagos State Government has entered into plans to include and lead optimal population management initiatives as part of its programs and projects aimed at ensuring the growth and development of human capital in accordance with international best practices.

This was made known by the Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Sam Egube, during a stakeholder forum on the Demographic Dividend Roadmap, organized by the ministry, in collaboration with the Lagos Liaison Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The event was organized to sensitize the commissioners and permanent secretaries on the demographic dividend policy of the state and its implementation.

Egube explained that Lagos was the first in the country to maximize its resourcefulness under the Lagos State Government / UNFPA Seventh Country Program, which highlighted the benefits of effective population plans, as well as programs and projects resulting from the best initiatives in population management and control, through the promotion of demographic dividends.

What the Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget says

Egube said in his statement: “Lagos was the first state in the country to act in accordance with the initiative which, under the Lagos State Government / UNFPA Seventh Country Program, has put the benefits flowing from plans, programs and projects to the fore. effective population groups that could herald new thinking in terms of population management and control through the identification and promotion of demographic dividends in Lagos State. ‘

Speaking on the importance of the forum, Egube said it is timely to organize a full workshop for the current members of the State Executive Council, as well as the permanent secretaries, to sensitize and update them. on the state’s demographic dividend policy as well as on the next lines of action necessary for smooth implementation of the policy.

He said, “The state has produced demographic dividend guidelines in accordance with the directives of the state executive council to ensure that all ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) consider demographic dividend opportunities in their plans, programs and projects.

The commissioner maintained that the The successful implementation of the demographic dividend roadmap would improve governance, through the positioning of informed plans and programs, focused on sustainable economic growth and the development of the state and the country in general.

Egube also revealed that the second level of demographic dividend awareness has been conducted for administrators and some senior officials of the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget, noting that the workshops leading up to the Executive Council presentation are expected to take place later.

At the end of the line

Population control has been seen as one of the important steps for Nigeria to achieve economic growth and development, as this has been one of the main differences between the country and some prosperous nations.

The massive increase in the Nigerian population over the past decades has had a negative impact on the country’s per capita income.

Nigeria’s huge and ever-growing population has become a burden unless a conscious effort is made to invest in education, health system, infrastructure, etc. in order to have a productive population.