KP Govt Approves Land Use Plan to Control Unplanned Expansion of Cities: Faisal Amin

PESHAWAR: Provincial Local Government Minister Faisal Amin Khan said on Sunday that the KP government’s land use plan to control the unplanned expansion of towns was a major step towards protecting the environment and people. farming lands.

Speaking to APP, he said the plan would be helpful in creating model villages with better services to reduce the influx of people into cities and improve public services. He said the preparation of district land use plans for five districts in Peshawar and Mardan Divisions has been completed.

The minister said the land use plan aims to safeguard the province’s prime agricultural land from non-agricultural uses, encroachments to ensure local food security and sustainable development. The Provincial Land Use Plan is envisioned as a policy document for integrated, coordinated and systematic planning and even dissemination of development activities, jobs to the rural and suburban population close to home and reduction of pressure on megacities, he said.

He said the purpose of the project was to prepare district land use plan for each district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Talking about the objectives of the land use plan, the minister said he would provide general guidance to nation building departments, agencies to undertake an integrated and coherent multi-sectoral, multi-year development program for each district in the province. , in addition to launching a process for evidence-based land use planning in the province. The plan will establish a control mechanism for development and land use change at the district level, he said.