Indore: Population Control Measures Should Not be Enforced to Win Elections, Says Vivek Tankha, Congress Rajya Sabha MP | Indore News

INDORE: Advocating population control measures to spur growth in the country, Rajya Sabha Congressman Vivek Tankha said on Saturday that genuine efforts will only be sustained if they are not designed to garner money votes and winning elections.
“The intention must be sincere not just to win the election, otherwise it is doomed to fail as it has happened in the past,” Tankha said in response to reporters on the UP government’s draft population policy. .
Vigorous implementation of population control measures during the emergency was a major reason for Congress’ defeat in elections during the post-emergency period, he said, adding that the population control are directly linked to the awareness provided by education and that we, as a country, demand by consensus. .
Citing Kerala, Tankha said the southern state is the most literate state and has had virtually zero population growth rate for decades.
While discussing former Chief Minister Kamal Nath who should be the incumbent Speaker of the Congress, the Rajya Sabha MP said he has the capabilities and resources to become the incumbent or acting National Speaker of the National Congress Indian, as he is currently the oldest ruler. “But the party high command has to make a decision on this,” Tankha said.
“We (the G-23 leaders) have noted our thoughts and concerns about the party behind writing a letter to Acting Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi calling for active leadership and organizational changes,” said Tankha when asked about the letter.
“Sonia Gandhi called us. We had a six-hour discussion with her on the matter. A meeting of the AICC was to be held in May this year. Due to the peak of Covid-19 this could not happen. The changes will become visible,” he added.
Regarding the allegations that Congress used political strategist Prashant Kishor to win the election, Tankha said, “No one could make anyone win the election. He (Kishore) could only help the party as a political strategist to improve its image.
Tankha, however, dodged a question about Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.
The Center failed to manage the Kashmir issue
The Jammu and Kashmir issue can only be resolved after all stakeholders including minorities in the state including pundits are involved in the talks, Congressman Vivek Tankha said on Saturday. Rajya Sabha.
Tankha, who hails from a Kasmiri Pandit family settled in Jabalpur, alleged that the Bhartiya Janta Party-led government in the Center has failed to handle the Kashmir issue. “The solution to the Kashmir problem will only come by engaging all stakeholders including minorities in the state,” he said.
Minorities do not only mean Pandits. Jammu and Kashmir state also has Sikhs, Dogras and the solution will come by engaging through them all, Tankha added.
Covert all district party offices for Covid care centers
Rajya Sabha Congress MP Vivek Tankha said on Saturday that he had proposed to the state party leader to convert all party offices in the district into Covid care centers in case the third wave hits Madhya Pradesh .
“I don’t want this (the third wave of Covid-19) to come. Serving people in need is the most important job for a political party,” he said.
“I am asking MPCC Chairman Kamal Nath in a letter to convert all MP Congress district offices into Covid Care Center for the third wave,” Tankha said.