Hindu rule must remain intact in India: VHP on population control measures | India News

NEW DELHI: The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) said on Friday that any population control measures should be considered bearing in mind that Hindu rule remains intact in the country.
Speaking to the media, VHP General Secretary Milind Parande also said that if there is only one child in a family, “the population of Hindus will be reduced by the Hindus themselves”. .
“When we talk about population control, the dominance of the Hindu society must remain intact in the country. All the principles of politics, secularism and tolerance are followed in the country due to the dominance of the Hindu people,” he said when asked about the issue of population control.
Therefore, whatever is necessary to ensure that Hindus remain in the majority must be done, he added.
“Hindu society must think that there should be at least two children in a family. If there will be only one child in a family, the Hindu population will be reduced by the Hindus themselves,” said said Paranda.
He was speaking to the media ahead of a two-day meeting of the VHP board and board of directors, which was due to start on Saturday in Faridabad.
Parande’s comments on the issue came after the VHP recently called on the Uttar Pradesh government to remove the one-child policy norm from its population control bill, saying that it would probably lead to aggravation of the imbalance between the different communities and the contraction of the population as well.
Sharing the agenda for the two-day meeting, the VHP General Secretary said government control over the running of a number of temples, illegal religious conversions and post-election violence in West Bengal were on the agenda. among the main topics of discussion.
Elections for the new president and general secretary of the VHP will also take place during the two-day meeting, he added.
Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje, the current president of the VHP, was elected to this post in April 2018.
Parande said temples should be run by society, but a large number of temples are under government control in several states.
The two-day meeting will discuss how to free these temples from government control, he added.
“From social awakening to knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court to freeing temples from government control – all these possible measures will be discussed at the meeting,” the VHP leader said.
He said the meeting will also discuss the issue of illegal religious conversions and the need to enact a central law to put a check on such activities across the country.
“Illegal religious conversions are carried out by Christian missionaries and Islamic jihadist elements. This is a national problem. We will discuss this issue at our meeting and present a proposal,” Parande said.
Responding to a question about RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat’s recent remark on Muslims, he said there was no difference of opinion between the RSS and the VHP.
“The head of the RSS didn’t say anything new or different. Our ideological line is still the same. There is no difference between us,” he said.
Urge Muslims not to get ‘trapped in the cycle of fear’ apropos Islam being in danger in India, Bhagwat recently declared that those who ask Muslims to leave the country cannot call themselves Hindus and that those who engage in lynching in the name of cows must know that they are against Hindutva.