Google Display Marketing allows businesses to take full advantage of the advertising power of Google | Fairfield City Champion

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Google Display Marketing is an ingenious way for businesses to employ remarketing and cross-targeting tactics, reach larger audiences, and leverage existing ones.

But for those of us who aren’t advertising experts, it’s a confusing concept and another business expense to consider. Ad agencies beg customers to use it, but what exactly is Google Display marketing and why should it be part of a business’ marketing plan?

What is Google Display Marketing?

The Google Display Network is enabled by websites that choose to display ads from other companies, using cookies. It’s a great strategy for expanding customer reach and brand awareness by marketing to people who may have indicated they’re considering a purchase in your specific industry, but don’t yet know that you are. exist.

The beauty of the Google Display Network is that it can reach over two million websites and reaches 90% of internet users, across a wide variety of locations. Ads can be placed anywhere, including major news websites, e-commerce stores, Youtube, blogs, Google Finance, and even Gmail.

The Google Display Network is an incredibly smart tool, allowing users to define target markets using a wide range of parameters, then select the best places for your business visual assets to appear. The network uses staggering amounts of data to determine which websites your audience visits frequently, placing your display ads right in their natural path.

The main distinction between Search Network ads and Google display ads is where they appear. Search ads are placed in Google’s search results, while display ads can appear all over the internet, in millions of different placements.

They can also include eye-catching branding, images, animations, and don’t necessarily require consumers to pay direct attention – they require subconscious attention.

Google Display ads are particularly effective in marketing visually and aesthetically appealing products. Travel agencies, clothing retailers, real estate agencies, activities, and household goods all have visually appealing products and images that attract consumers and generate more clicks.

Why should businesses use Google display marketing?

Google Display marketing is valuable because of its scale. Google is the king of the online space, and it has pooled its resources, making them available to businesses.

All the bases are covered, with Google Display marketing offering multiple ways to target audiences.

In-market targeting allows companies to direct their advertising to consumers who show an interest in specific topics, such as wellness, sports, real estate or beauty.

Placement targeting means advertisers can strategically place ads on a specific website where potential customers are likely to visit, and optimized targeting allows advertisers to focus on the most relevant audience, excluding unlikely customers and categories.

The nature of Google Display ads means they appeal to all consumers, combining images, branding and specific messaging. They capture the attention of consumers who love to read and visual learners.

They can instantly put your products and services in front of customers, at a cost that suits your business and customer targeting, ensuring a better return on investment.