Fight against malaria with AYUSH drugs

The AYUSH department operates a special malaria control program in the malaria affected areas of the state. In this program, the distribution of the homeopathic medicine Malaria Off-200 was done in two phases.

In the health department survey, the prevalence of malaria was found to be much lower after the distribution of Ayurvedic medicines in these villages. In some regions, a reduction of 80 to 90% has been observed. Last year, 70 lakh of the population were given homeopathic medicine Malaria Off-200 in two phases by Department of AYUSH. In malaria affected areas, special research was also carried out by the Government Homeopathic College, Bhopal on the patients.

The AYUSH department develops herbal gardens in the state with the aim of creating awareness among the general public about herbal medicines and their use in common ailments like fever, cough, etc.

At least 16 medicinal plants are planted in the herb garden of each health and wellness center. Along with this, the general public is also motivated to plant these plants in their homes. Citizens have been motivated to plant the medicinal plant Giloy in their homes during the Corona period in the state. Along with this, information was given about the use of the drug decoction Giloy.

In Ayurveda, the herbal medicine Giloy has been described as the best medicine for boosting immunity in humans.

Currently, 362 health and wellness centers are operating in the state.

Along with this, approval was given for the establishment of 400 new health and wellness centers by the Department of AYUSH. Through these centers, by doing yoga, pathology, medicinal and natural tests in rural areas, information is provided on what kind of diet and lifestyle helps to stay healthy and disease free.