Field-Level LED Signage Comes to MLB Baseball Stadiums

Duke and North Carolina meet in the Final Four? What’s next, DH in the National League or a reality TV star as a world leader? To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, it hasn’t gotten weird enough for me — yet.

“Most people miss an opportunity because they’re dressed in overalls and look like work” – Thomas Edison.

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more signage — virtual or otherwise — on and around MLB Diamonds, the league is allowing new kinds of on-field advertising. come on batting uniforms and helmets. Nope. This one has nothing to do with the ABC, which ended the 99-day lockout.

In a February memo, MLB told its teams that beginning this season, they were permitted to install “field-level LED signage” behind home plate and attached to dugout facings. This will allow for easy editing and on the fly.

MLB outlined a rigorous approval process in its memo, saying teams must submit photos of the proposed location(s), mock-ups, and “specific dimensions, measurements, and potential installation date… brightness levels for daytime and nighttime play, adjustment protocols, and emergency procedures for technical issues.” The league also noted that “all on-field signage must be submitted and approved by the Commissioner’s Office prior to posting to ensure it will not interfere with gameplay.”

It will be interesting to see how much color and animation, if any, is allowed with the new LED signage. MLB instructions state that field-level LEDs “should only be used for static graphics during play; animations are prohibited during the game.

In the early days of MLB behind-the-plate signage, umpires would stop games to cover signs, especially those that were too white and could potentially obscure balls hit on the field of play. MLB now indicates that the graphics ” should only be produced against dark backgrounds” and that any use of the color white – such as large print or logos – “must include a minimum 20% black/grayscale shading”.

So far, the only team we know to take advantage of the new policy is the Mets, installing a series of new LED signage as part of a big sponsorship with Samsung that will eventually see them replace the huge scoreboard. from center field to Citi Field. next season. Signage company ANC tested behind-the-plate LEDs with the AAA Syracuse Mets last year and a spokesperson said the company has already installed behind-the-plate camera-visible LED displays at seven DI schools.

“I would call it a test, but it’s definitely something clubs have been asking for,” said MLB CRO Noah Garden, who confirmed the Mets will be the first team to have camera-visible LED signage. “It’s just a better sign, and it gives the opportunity to change the message faster at a time when the sponsor’s message is changing it faster than ever. We want to offer clubs something that can increase their income, but in same time, it’s just as important, if not more so, to make sure it doesn’t affect the quality of the game.”

The ANC tested behind-the-plate LEDs last year with the AAA Syracuse Mets

With its unique fusion of video games and fantasy sports, Fan Controlled Football was already hitting the right notes for those elusive 18-30 year old fans. During the offseason, CWF added another millennial necessity, raising $40 million in Series A funding from two VCs focused on — you guessed it — crypto.

Not only has FCF used its newfound wealth to double the number of its teams from four to eight, but now fans can participate in everything from personal decisions to calls in the 7v7 league – once they have purchased NFT FCF. FCF games will also see expanded media coverage, expanding from Twitch alone to also include NBC LX, Peacock, and DAZN. The league will have over 50 hours per week of original programming, as well as live content on game days. A new 1,500-seat studio/stadium is nearing completion in the Pullman Yards area in Atlanta.

On the sponsor side, Tyson Foods is a new sponsor, pushing its Any’tizers Snacks with a uniform patch. Tampa-based Cigar City Brewing is also a new corporate patron of FCF, joining incumbents Gatorade, Progressive and Wendy’s, which are continuing their in-game “Hot Mic” feature, through which players can talk to fans.

FCF co-founder and CEO Sohrob Farudi said last season was about “proof of concept”. Now it’s about growth and possible profitability within a few years. “Our core belief is that by putting everything in one place we can beat the football revenue model that has worked compared to other (Spring) leagues,” he said. “We want to scale quickly and efficiently to show that we can use this model with other sports.” Farudi noted that baseball, basketball and cricket are among the other sports being considered for the model.

The CWF will also see more spring competitions in the coming years. Overtime announced plans for a new ‘low contact’ 7v7 football league with Cam Newton on board as support. But, as Farudi noted, “Our format is so different, so we don’t really see any of them as competition, other than for talent on the pitch.”

Wendy’s is back with FCF with a “Hot Mic” promo

You know what the pandemic has done to the interest and ownership of pets. Apparently, this spread to the sports media.

Starting with this week’s National Agility Dog Championship, the American Kennel Club has doubled the number of programs it has on ESPN networks from five to 10 this year, after launching with just one show in 2019. With reruns , ESPN ended up with 168 hours of AKC programming last year – 250% more than originally planned.

ESPN Networks has found the Power of Dogs block of counter-programming, including a 6.5-hour block on Christmas Day and a two-hour block against the Super Bowl on February 13, with two more scheduled for this Easter Sunday.

The Farmer’s Dog, a subscription company that markets “fresh and personalized” dog food, has struck a seven-figure deal as the title sponsor of the majority of individual AKC-produced events under the “AKC on ESPN” umbrella. “. Previous programming sponsors were not rampant, including Tractor Supply, AT&T, and Procter & Gamble’s Swiffer brand.

AKC TV shows on ESPN will now have The Farmer’s Dog as the main sponsor

  • The Marlins have reached a multi-year extension with longtime sponsor PNC Bank, which becomes the team’s official bank and title sponsor of the LoanDepot park’s premium space with the new PNC Club, notes Erik Bacharach of SBJ.
  • 23XI Racing executives believe it’s already evident that bringing in diverse voices helps the NASCAR team do things differently than most other teams when it comes to areas like marketing, notes Adam Stern. from SBJ.
  • WWE and Fanatics have entered into a long-term partnership in e-commerce, licensed merchandise, trading cards and NFTs, notes SBJ’s David Bourne.