Expert explains how marketing strategies can overcome a down economy

JACKSON, Tenn. – On the brink of another looming recession, many industries and businesses have prepared for a shrinking economy by downsizing and cutting spending.

Nicole Rodrigues, UCLA Anderson MBA and CEO, and founder of one of the world’s most successful independent public relations firms, explains why companies can better weather the economic storm by continuing to invest in promoting their brands.

We all remember how devastating the economic downturn of 2020 was for families, businesses and workers nationwide.

NRPR GroupNicole’s business, has survived and emerged stronger despite the troubling circumstances encountered.

She tells us how proper marketing strategies helped her business and her clients get there by staying creative, seen and heard, giving them a head start when the economy started to recover.

“The first thing people can do is use whatever free tools they have,” Rodrigues said. “Social media costs nothing to post. Yes, it costs money to boost your posts, but if you don’t have a ton of money to put behind those posts, it’s free to launch something on Instagram, share on Facebook when you have a selling, switching to LinkedIn, and letting people know your services are available or reminding them of what you do.

2020 and 2021 have proven to be two of his best years as an agency, and his clients who launched their marketing games in 2020 are now in a stronger position, ahead of the looming crisis.

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