e4 announces international expansion into European markets

Technology company e4 has announced that it will expand into European markets after 21 years in the South African proptech industry. After recently launching a new group in the UK, longtime South Africa executive director Simon Slater has moved to the UK to run the business.

e4 Executive Director Simon Slater | picture provided

Slater will focus on building relationships between e4 and various mortgage lenders, conveyancing companies and other partners in the UK. He will be supported by a global team of analysts, developers and staff to help build the new group.

“Having worked remotely on international opportunities for the past two years, we are at a stage where we need to quickly establish a full client team on the ground in the UK and grow the international development teams in Mauritius to develop British solutions. It is extremely exciting to see the potential of the technological know-how and experience that we can bring to an advanced new market.

“We bring a strong combination of skills into a whole new market, using our knowledge to build and create grassroots localized proptech solutions. We’re just getting started, but we have good momentum and great partners, with a fantastic roadmap ahead,” says Slater.

What started as a startup in a nascent tech space over 20 years ago when technology was in its infancy, e4 has grown into one of South Africa’s leading proptech platform and solution providers. South, with employees now working around the world.

In conclusion, Slater commented, “We are preparing our clients for the future of mortgage processing and transaction management as the world’s most valuable industry – real estate – undergoes a long-awaited digital transformation. With the support of e4 in South Africa, we are uniquely placed to make a real difference in the UK proptech market.