Delhi’s test positivity rate climbs to 5.33% from 3.95% recorded a day ago

The Covid-19 test positivity rate crossed the 5% mark in Delhi on Saturday, NDTV reported. Test positivity is the number of cases detected per 100 tests.

The rate climbed to 5.33% from 3.95% recorded on Friday.

Delhi recorded 461 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, bringing the total number of infections in the nation’s capital to 18,68,033 since India’s first case of the pandemic was detected in January 2020. With two deaths, the toll is rose to 26,160. Delhi has carried out 8,646 tests in the nation’s capital.

Active cases stood at 1,262.

It is the highest number of daily coronavirus cases recorded in Delhi after 48 days, reported India time. On February 27, the number of single-day infections stood at 484.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said coronavirus cases could rise in the nation’s capital but there was no need to worry as hospitalization was low. Of the 9,735 hospital beds dedicated to Covid-19, only 59 are currently occupied.

Sisodia also said schools have been told to follow the government’s standard operating procedure if they detect a case. On Wednesday, the Directorate of Education had asked schools to temporarily close entire premises or specific wings if a pupil or staff member tested positive for coronavirus.

The advisory came amid students and school staff testing positive for the virus in the nation’s capital. At least five students and staff at a private school in Vasant Kunj had tested positive for Covid-19 last week.

“Covid-19 cases have certainly increased over the past week, but there is no need to panic as the symptoms are mild, as was the case during the third wave,” Dr Anupam said. Sibal, Group Medical Director of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. India time.

He said vaccination, including booster doses, helped reduce the risk of serious infection among the vulnerable population.