Croud Wins Digital Marketing Jigsaw

British fashion retailer Jigsaw has appointed Croud as their digital marketing agency. Croud kicks off in July to expand Jigsaw’s audience on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok.

Jigsaw restructured after a CVA in 2020, closing some stores.

Raine Peake, Digital Director at Jigsaw, says: “We were impressed with Croud’s experience in the retail and luxury fashion industry – they seemed to understand our challenges implicitly. Over the past two years, the brand has made great strides in maturing its online presence and creating a unique customer view.

“But we knew we needed an agency partner to not only help us take it to the next level, but to push the boundaries of what we could achieve as a brand and consider expanding our target audience as the growth of the web has opened up so many other opportunities for us.

Caroline Buckingham, Director of Client Strategy at Croud, says, “Jigsaw has a great product and has laid down an impressive foundation of quality first-party data that we can work with. Our main focus then will be to bring this into digital and implement a robust testing roadmap, to expand Jigsaw’s market share in the UK.