Counties in the region experience varying levels of population growth over the year | News

SOUTH INDIANA — Data released in March by the U.S. Census Bureau shows population increases in Clark, Floyd, and Harrison counties from 2020 to 2021. But, it also shows deaths are exceeding births in every county.

Indiana as a whole increased by 0.3% in population from July 2020 to July 2021. The numbers increased by 20,341 people, from 6.79 million people to 6.8 million. Births exceeded deaths statewide by 692.

Clark County’s population has increased significantly over the same period relative to state growth. The numbers fell from 121,282 people in 2020 to 122,738 people in 2021, or 1.2%

The majority of the increase in the county can be attributed to migration, both international and domestic, but primarily the latter. There were 32 foreign-born people who moved to Clark County during the year, as well as nearly 1,500 who moved to the county from elsewhere in the United States.

There were more deaths in Clark County – 1,432 – than births – 1,359 – during the same period.

Clark County Commissioner Jack Coffman said he believes the affordability of homes is one of the main features that draw people to the county.

Jack Coffman

“In southern Indiana, we still have the most desirable house costs compared to the Louisville area,” Coffman said.

Coffman said before he retired from real estate six months ago, he saw an influx of people coming to Clark County from the Louisville area to buy homes.

“It’s cheaper to build here, it’s cheaper to expand, and the demand was getting so great here,” Coffman said.

Accessibility to the county with the introduction of the new bridges in recent years is also considered a contributing factor, Coffman said.

“There are new job opportunities on both sides of the river and it is easier to access both,” he said.

Housing units in Clark County have also increased by 9.2% over the past decade, almost 4,400 more, for a total of 52,169 in 2020. This can be compared to an increase 7.4% in Floyd County, or 2,376 units, and 0.9% in Harrison County, or 152 units.

Homeownership rates in the region exceed the state’s rate of 69.5%. The rate in Clark County is 72.6%, Harrison County has a homeownership rate of 83.1% and Floyd County has a rate of 74.3%, according to data from the 2020 census.

Floyd County’s population increase was less than the state’s, with a change of 0.02%. The increase from 80,437 people to 80,454 was a change of just 17 people in the county during the year.

There was an increase of 164 people emigrating to the county from other parts of the United States and overseas.

There have been 988 deaths in the county and 826 births.

Despite last year’s small increase, Floyd County still saw a noticeable increase in population over the past decade compared to the state. The county saw a 7.9% change from 2010 to 2020, gaining nearly 6,000 residents.

Indiana’s population increase was 4.7% from 2010 to 2020, with 301,726 more residents.

Harrison County, while smaller in population, fell between Clark and Floyd counties in growth from 2020 to 2021.

Consistent with the state’s trend, Harrison County’s population increase was 0.27%, from 39,652 to 39,761 people.

The county recorded 216 migrants from the United States and overseas.

There were 488 deaths in the county during the same period and 378 births.

According to initial 2020 census data, Harrison County had grown 0.7% from 2010 to 2020. The county has gained 270 people over the past decade, just 161 more than the year last only.

The US Census Bureau did not break down March data for counties by age, gender or race. More information on racial and age changes over the past decade can be found in a News and Tribune article from August 2021 – – when the data was released for the first time.