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The Fredericksburg SPCA Locke Community Medical Center held its first Community Cat Spay Day on May 7 for partner rescues in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, King George, Caroline, Stafford, Louisa, Orange, Culpeper and Hanover counties that trap cats. wildcats in Virginia.

Rescuers who work with feral cat colonies have signed up for the opportunity to bring their trapped cats to the Fred SPCA Clinic to receive free neutering surgeries and rabies vaccinations. Low-cost vaccines and microchips have also been offered. Controlling the cat population through neutering with trap-neuter-return rescues is a humane and cost-effective alternative to shelter admission and euthanasia.

“More than 500,000 cats are euthanized across the country each year,” said Carrie Withers, executive director of the Fredericksburg SPCA. “Expanding rescue efforts within our community means using our resources to help get to the root of the problem. Rescues that care for feral cat colonies need services to help control the population, and that’s where the Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center can help. We are committed to a 2025 No-Kill VA, so fewer cats entering Virginia shelters means fewer euthanasia calls.

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Offering the first community cat neuter day since expanding in August 2021, Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center was able to assist eight rescues including Operation Hood, Community Cats Rescue Network, Holy Heart Rescue, Shadow Cat Advocates, Purrs & Whiskers Inc , Purring Hearts VA Rescue, Advocates and Indian Acres Feral Cat Program. Fifty-one cats needed surgery, but due to bad weather, rescues were able to trap and safely transport a total of 31 cats to be neutered and vaccinated.

The event was made possible through the expertise and efforts of Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center Veterinarian in Charge, Dr. Cate McManus, Dr. Kimber Wagner of Maryland, and the staff and volunteers of Fred SPCA. As a non-profit organization, the SPCA Fred operates solely through donations, grants, and fundraising to cover staff and supply costs for events like Community Cat Spaying Day. The goal is to make Community Cat Day a lasting event so that SPCA Fred can expand its efforts to help even more rescues control feral cat populations throughout Virginia to prevent unwanted litters and euthanasia. Donations can be made to

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