Chinese women accuse Beijing of “using female bodies” to control population

BEIJING: Women in China have accused the country’s government of using female bodies to control the population in China.
When the government led by Xi Jinping planned to reduce the population, the authorities forced the women to have abortions. And now, as population growth has slowed, they are saying no to abortions, author Fabien Baussart told The Times of Israel.
Chinese women also reported on social media when one of the top comments on the Chinese app “Weibo” noted that the female body has become a “tool.” When (the state) wants you to have a child, you have to do it at all costs. When (the state) does not want it, you are not allowed to give birth, even at the risk of dying, said author Baussart.
There is a sense of anger among the Chinese people since Beijing introduced a policy to reduce the abortion rate in the country as part of the government’s efforts to “improve women’s health.”
China’s demographic measures, which began with the “one-child policy” in 1979, have always been abusive and coercive against the population.
There are cases of thousands of women dying or contracting serious health problems. It is estimated that the Chinese government “prevented” more than 400 million births were “prevented”, The Times of Israel reported.
This draconian policy ended in 2015 when the “two-child policy” was bought out by China, thus ending “forced abortion”.
However, the new policy also failed miserably, as Chinese parents struggled to cope with families on meager wages and offered to have only one child.
Five years later, last May, the Chinese government introduced the three-child policy allowing people to produce up to three children because Beijing now wanted faster population growth in the country, The Times of Israel reported.
These measures were taken, given the 2020 national census in China which found that the population between 16 and 59 years old (task force) has declined by 40 million people since 2010.
“The case of abortions in China is more curious. For many decades, it was the Chinese government that literally decided how many women should have an abortion. Now it will decide how many women should not have an abortion,” L said. author Baussart in the article.
And now, after the three-child policy, Beijing will also decide how many women should not have an abortion.