Chicago-based marketing agency to change name to 2.718 Marketing, focused on exponential growth

CBD Marketing Announces Bold Brand Reinvention As 35th Anniversary Approaches

CHICAGO, September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing), an award-winning integrated B2B marketing agency, today announced that it is officially changing its name to 2.718 Marketing. Named after Euler’s number, e, representing exponential growth, the new brand expresses what every current and future customer should expect to receive from the partnership.

“The 2.718 Marketing name symbolizes the work we do every day. It’s about providing clients with the strategies and results that can fuel their growth,” said Liz Brohan, CEO of 2.718 Marketing. “We drive lead generation, nurture new relationships, and focus on improving the relationship between marketing and sales. We’ve always been about exponential growth — now we’re making it the centerpiece of our story. “

Since 1988, 2.718 Marketing has continued to evolve its offerings and value proposition to customers in industries ranging from food manufacturing, building and home products to higher education and financial services.

“Our agency aims to leverage people’s core strengths. This means we regularly gain new insights into the agency, evolve roles to optimize our contributions to our clients, develop groundbreaking new strategies, and consistently deliver award-winning results” , has explained Marie Olivieri, President of 2.718 Marketing. “We’re proud to have been in the market for 34 years, and with the move to 2.718 Marketing, we can better reflect our incredibly new approach to doing business and helping our customers continue to grow.”

At 2.718 Marketing, the focus on exponential growth didn’t start with a name change. Over the past few years, the agency has continued to develop a skilled and forward-looking team of specialists in marketing analysis, design, public relations, social media and paid media to deliver a smart, simple and real modern marketing.

“My focus at the agency has always been rooted in strategy and the big picture, and more often than not most marketing issues come down to questions of growth,” said Marc Shevitz, Strategy Director of 2.718 Marketing. “I recognize that not everyone will immediately and instinctively get the ‘2.718’ connection, but marketing is about telling stories, and there is a great story to be told about our name. We have a proven story in providing marketing, sales and growth solutions for many high profile B2B clients, and we want to continue to add to our track record.”

Our team at 2.718 Marketing aims to help your business grow. Visit to learn more about how we can help you grow boldly.

About 2.718 Marketing

2.718 Marketing is a Chicagointegrated marketing and advertising agency that helps brands grow boldly. Founded in 1988, the 2.718 Marketing team offers a full range of integrated marketing capabilities. Serving domestic and global clients in all industries, including home and building products, food and food ingredients, higher education, financial services and manufacturing, 2.718 Marketing delivers the exponential growth demanded by B2B companies while seeking to improve and prove the impact of results-based marketing. .


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