Census data shows population growth in Brantford, Brant and Norfolk

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Population growth in Brantford and Brant and Norfolk counties comes as no surprise to the mayors of the three municipalities.

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“The city has been recognized as one of the best places in Canada to buy a home over the past few years due to our diverse economy, strong housing market and wide array of amenities,” the Mayor of Brantford, Kevin Davis. “Much of our growth can be attributed to strong local business relationships that help make Brantford a premier destination to live, work, learn and play.

Statistics Canada census data released this week shows the city’s population grew 6.2 per cent to 104,688 people in 2021 from 98,563 in 2016.

Davis noted that the city’s preparation for continued growth includes a new official plan that has been approved by the province. The plan supports the city’s efforts to optimize its infrastructure, while protecting and enhancing what makes the city unique, including local heritage and the environment, he said.

According to census data, Brant’s population increased by 10.8% from 35,640 in 2016 to 39,474 in 2021. Within the county, the population of its largest community, Paris, increased by 20.7 % to increase from 12,389 to 14,956. The population of Burford grew even faster, which increased by 33.6% from 792 to 1,058.

“The county is growing, which is no surprise since it’s such a lovely community and is so close to major cities,” said Brant Mayor David Bailey. “Nothing stays the same forever.

“A community grows or declines.”

Bailey said the county is thriving, with growth providing many opportunities including more local jobs, new amenities and innovation. Growth also makes the municipality more diverse, providing the opportunity to gain new perspectives, he said.

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“As we honor the past, we also look forward to positioning the community for a positive and productive future,” Bailey said.

Meanwhile, Norfolk’s population grew by 5.4% to 67,490 in 2021, from 64,044 in 2016.

Norfolk Mayor Kristal Chopp said the county’s location and shift to a digital workplace has helped her municipality grow.

“It’s a fantastic place to live,” Chopp said. “People in major urban centres, such as the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Niagara and Waterloo, are drawn to the quality of life and amenities that Norfolk has to offer.

“In a world that has gone digital, remote work options allow people to set up shop virtually anywhere.”

She said Norfolk also benefits from its proximity to major urban centers and miles of Lake Erie shoreline.

“We’re definitely on the developer radar,” Chopp said. “Continued growth is in our future.”

In Norfolk, the population of its largest community, Simcoe, grew by 10% from 14,649 in 2016 to 16,121 in 2021. Meanwhile, Port Dover’s population grew by 12.7% from 6,984 to 7,871, Waterford rose 15% from 3,676 to 4,227. and Delhi rose 5.4% to 5,344 from 5,069.

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