Cathay Pacific is looking for a Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the Americas

Cathay Pacific is looking for a Sales and Marketing Manager to manage business strategies in the Americas. The candidate will lead a transformational regional sales team that excels in data-driven marketing and sales.

According to Cathay Pacific’s website, the position of “vice president marketing and sales, Americas” will require the candidate to be based preferably in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto or Vancouver. There are five areas of marketing that the candidate must manage, such as marketing, digital, social media, loyalty and public relations. He or she will partner with the head office and lead the regional marketing, digital sales and PR teams to also manage tasks in different areas.

The candidate will be responsible for aligning the head office strategy to produce marketing campaigns to promote the airline’s brands and products to achieve the desired transition, including the design and delivery of campaigns to generate revenue. traffic for direct sales conversion. He or she will have to ensure a highly productive working relationship with external marketing agencies.

The candidate will also be expected to achieve and exceed targeted direct sales growth using different tools to increase traffic on, CX mobile and other direct channels; Execute Cathay Pacific’s social media strategy and work closely with the regional digital marketing and sales team to develop campaigns and build local contacts with key influencers.

Loyalty is another area that the candidate must work on. He or she will be responsible for developing and activating the membership database with local marketing campaigns for future targeting and segmentation.

With regards to PR, the candidate must be highly analytical and visionary to understand the big picture and be able to set goals, define target audience and identify platforms that will help scale up PR efforts by developing and implementing plans to promote airline brands, corporate social responsibility initiatives, news as well as internal communication channels and public engagements for senior team members regional.

In addition to marketing functions, the candidate must also manage revenue generation, sales and distribution, organizational management, as well as people development and performance management.

Cathay Pacific expects the candidate to be one of its emergency and accident managers and offers solid knowledge and coverage if required. In addition, the candidate must have a minimum of ten years of commercial management experience in a similar position, preferably in the travel industry; and a successful track record in managing a multi-channel sales organization.

The Hong Kong-based airline has been recruiting for years. Last year, he was looking for a brand and content manager to help build brand position alongside other duties. The successful candidate would help define the Cathay, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific Cargo brand positioning; develop brand partnership strategies; formulate branded merchandise strategy and item development and manage branded content strategy development.

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