TEHRAN – Iran’s population grew by 569,963 in the past [Iranian calendar] year (March 2021-March 2022), and the natural population growth rate was estimated at 0.7%, according to the National Organization of Civil Status. In the past year, 1,106,072 children were born in the country and 536,109 people died, soRead More →

The population of JERSEY is now 103,267, according to the 2021 census taken on March 21 last year. The latest figure is 4,533 less than the 2019 population estimate, which statisticians said was based on the atypical 2011 census snapshot, with the population increase of 5,400 since 2011 being aRead More →

By David Beasley, Center Square (The Center Square) – Wyoming’s cost of living and regulatory climate are some of the factors behind why the state has seen its population grow faster than the national average, according to business and government groups. state industries. According to recent data from the USRead More →

(The Center Square) – Wyoming’s cost of living and regulatory climate are some of the factors behind why the state has seen its population grow faster than the national average, according to business and government groups. state industries. According to recent data from the US Census Bureau, the state sawRead More →

The 2022 legislative session adjourned for the year on March 31. The session’s achievements are an indicator of the strength of Idaho’s economy and the significant population growth we are seeing. With available tax revenue, we’ve made record investments in transportation and education, funded much-needed public safety and police improvementsRead More →

Medical administrators along with county and city leaders gathered last month to celebrate the grand opening of a new 33,000 square foot Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Stafford. The project is just the latest building effort in Stafford that could one day change the face of the business-friendly community, joining several otherRead More →

Although many school districts in Bell County have experienced slower growth rates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, students continue to flock to the Belton Independent School District. At a Belton ISD School Board meeting on Monday, Bob Templeton, a demographer from Zonda, discussed the current state of the localRead More →

While a number of new permanent residents are people retiring – some are retiring early due to COVID – not everyone is, and the community is bustling with people. “The ability to work from home has certainly given people the ability to make it their home,” Kostyna said. The growthRead More →

ANDERSON — Indiana University demographers pointed to the death toll from COVID-19 as well as declining fertility rates as key factors in adding just 20,341 residents in 2021. According to a study conducted by the Indiana Business Research Center at the university’s Kelley School of Business, last year’s net populationRead More →

news, local news, AUSTRALIA’s flight to the regions has increased Bendigo’s population by 1400 over the past year. Major cities have emptied significantly in 2021, with Melbourne alone losing 60,500 people who have packed their bags and sought greener pastures elsewhere. ABS Director of Demography Beidar Cho said regional Australia’sRead More →

news, local news, The latest regional population figures show that Ballarat has avoided the drastic changes and accompanying pressures experienced by metropolitan areas in the pandemic year. Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday showed Ballarat remained among the fastest growing regional Victorian towns with a steadyRead More →

(The Center Square) – Arizona’s Valley region has been one of the few major metropolitan areas in the country to grow amid business closures, remote work, homeschooling and other disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thursday, the US census published more detailed data from its annual population estimates recording changesRead More →

Saskatchewan’s Official Opposition says the province’s low population growth rate is preparing it for a “bleak future.” Saskatchewan has the lowest annual growth rate in the country, growing just 0.36% last year, according to the latest population report from the provincial bureau of statistics based on provincial population estimates fromRead More →

The Population Association of Nigeria (PAN) in collaboration with the Partnership for Advocacy in child and family health @Scale ([email protected]), a project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, anchored by the Development Research and Projects Center (dRPC), will join other experts in a day-long roundtable to discuss possible solutions toRead More →

Booming population growth, coupled with changing weather patterns, an insatiable thirst for groundwater, and political challenges, leave the Texas Hill Country newly vulnerable. Driving the news: A recently released report by the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network reveals a region facing profound threats to its future. The network is aRead More →

In the long term, no substantial benefit will result from continued US population growth. The gradual stabilization of the American population by voluntary means would contribute significantly to America’s ability to solve its problems. This declaration of half a century ago was the unequivocal central conclusion of the groundbreaking reportRead More →

While North Texas still leads the nation in apartment construction, economists expect rents to continue to soar as rapid population growth puts continued pressure on supply. Economists expect D-FW rents to rise 5.3% this year to an average of $1,395 per month, according to Marcus & Millichap’s annual investment forecastRead More →

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) will reach out to district municipalities, businesses, universities and community members during National Water Week. The department called on stakeholders and South Africans to advance the centrality of water and sanitation to all communities in the province during the month of March andRead More →

Today, readers comment on improved infrastructure to serve a busier Adelaide and voter preferences. Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily Commenting on the op-ed: Ignore population growth advocates who can’t answer this obvious question David Washington is absolutely correct in pointing out the need to significantly improve Adelaide’s public transport system to accommodateRead More →

Early data shows Travis County may need more than 70,000 affordable housing units to accommodate population growth by 2026. (Courtesy Adobe Stock) Travis County will need about 70,000 more affordable housing units over the next five years to accommodate population growth, according to a preliminary recommendation provided by HousingWorks Austin.Read More →

As we head into 2022, you can’t help but witness massive construction cranes dominating the Denver skyline. Each is equivalent to another 40-story apartment building or a skyscraper pushing into the brown cloud above the city. When you drive along Sheridan, Wadsworth, or many other streets, you see endless constructionRead More →

NSW’s 2021 State of the Environment (SoE) report released this week confirms that population growth is “a significant driver of environmental impacts”, noted Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). The SoE report reveals that land clearing has tripled in the past decade, forests and grasslands have deteriorated, and 62% of vegetation isRead More →

Political scientists assess a nation’s level of success by looking at its geography, natural resources, political culture, and population dynamics. Successful countries typically have a favorable geographic location, easy access to natural resources, an established democratic political tradition, and a young, well-educated workforce. Twenty years ago, the United States enjoyedRead More →

Downtown Calgary on Monday, December 27, 2021. Temperatures dropped below -30 degrees Celsius overnight. ARYN TOOMBS / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY Statistics Canada began releasing population and dwelling data from the 2021 census this week. According to the agency, Calgary’s population increased by 5.5% compared to 2016. The population increased byRead More →

Gronewold examines recent research on life expectancies, birth rates and national migration patterns, then contradicts predictions that post-pandemic life will expand and the population will grow again. ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (PRWEB) February 15, 2022 Negative Population Growth has published a new article in its Forum series: Will 2022 Be theRead More →