Blue Atlas Marketing helps organizations make their website Section 508 compliant

“Blue Atlas Marketing aims to support website owners in their efforts to meet compliance requirements to better serve their visitors.”

Houston, TX – To support the need to move towards Section 508 compliance, Blue Atlas Marketing works closely with businesses to create, update and modernize websites to ensure they meet these requirements. Being ADA compliant could help companies gain better access to government contract work and it allows them to better meet the needs of their website visitors.

The Importance of Section 508 Updates

Website compliance with Section 508 is a component of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It requires all federal agencies to support access to services for people with “disabilities.” This term is loosely used to describe people who have hearing impairments, visual impairments, mobility issues, mental health conditions or disabilities, or other conditions that make it difficult for someone to use websites.

While government agencies and those wishing to do business with the federal government must have a Section 508 compliant website, this ruling is beneficial for virtually all business owners and website owners.

“Section 508 updates are critical for any website owner hoping to work with federal and some state agencies, but its reach goes much deeper. Implementing these updates is critical. for any organization that has customers or customers who may have some type of disability that prevents them from using a website as it does for others.All website owners should work toward this compliance to meet the needs of their customer base,” says Alana Maresh, Head of Programming for Blue Atlas Marketing.

Provide personalized support to achieve compliance

Many website owners don’t know what to do to achieve the goals of having a Section 508 compliant website or worry about the costs, time and benefits. Blue Atlas Marketing offers a personalized and tailored plan designed to meet the specific needs of each website owner. By providing a comprehensive website overview and reviewing the current method used, Blue Atlas Marketing can help business owners make the necessary changes to their websites.

There are various factors to consider, including

  • Screen reader support
  • Visual support
  • Keyboard input support
  • Clarity and ease of use
  • Cursor optimization

It can be difficult for many organizations to know what kinds of changes they need to make to comply with Section 508. Yet, with one-on-one support from the Blue Atlas Marketing team, organizations get the hands-on support they need. to get better results.

Having a 508-compliant website is a valuable investment not only for those who need access for people with disabilities, but it also overcomes many browsing and other limitations that website owners face. “Optimizing accessibility helps website owners who have high bounce rates due to poor menus and lack of navigation see improvements. It helps their business model,” says Ms. Maresh .

Moving to a Section 508 compliant website is essential for today’s business owners. This can help improve business operations, website access and overall usage. This includes meeting the expectations of mobile devices.

Blue Atlas Marketing continues to work with organizations as they update and modernize their websites to better achieve these goals. To learn more about the services offered by the company or to find out more about web accessibility, contact Blue Atlas Marketing today. You can also read more about how the company is working to achieve compliance on its website:

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