BLM Releases Decision to Control Population Growth and Herd Excess Feral Horses to Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area

SALT LAKE CITY –The Salt Lake Office of Land Management field office today issued a decision to approve the Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area population control plan. The decision underscores the need for continued protection of range conditions and the health of wild horse herds. The decision calls for incremental roundups of surplus feral horses and the use of population growth suppression methods in the Cedar Mountain herd management area west of Tooele, Utah.

“The Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area population control decision supports the BLM’s ongoing efforts to manage multiple-use, sustained-yield public lands and to manage feral horse populations under the Wild Act. Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971,” said BLM Salt Lake Field Manager Jessica Wade. “The BLM is committed to ensuring healthy horses are present on healthy courses and to maintaining a balanced ecosystem.”

The BLM estimates that more than 900 feral horses, including foals born in 2022, currently reside in the Cedar Mountain herd management area. The appropriate level of management for the area to ensure a healthy landscape and optimal feral horse population is set at 190-390 horses. The population control decision and associated analysis are available on the BLM’s ePlanning website:

The Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area comprises approximately 211,593 acres of federal and state lands located 60 miles west of Tooele, Utah, and extends more than 25 miles long on the east and west sides of the Cedar Mountain Range in Skull Valley, Utah.

BLM Utah operates 19 wild horse and burro herd management areas on nearly 2.5 million acres. To learn more, visit For more information, please contact the Salt Lake Field Office at [email protected]