BJP tries to shake CM Nitish Kumar by demanding population control law

After backing the caste-based census in Bihar, the BJP is now calling for a population control law in the state. This decision is considered as an attempt to shake CM Nitsh Kumar.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. (Case)

The Bharatiya Janata Party may have backed carrying out a caste-based census in Bihar at Wednesday’s multi-party meeting, but it appears the saffron party took the decision under huge pressure from Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Within 24 hours of receiving the census in the stateBihar Minister and BJP leader Neeraj Kumar Singh Bablu has raised the controversial issue of the establishment of the Population Control Act in Bihar.

Bablu demanded that the manner in which the issue of conducting caste census in Bihar should be expedited, similarly, the Population Control Act should also be introduced in the state.

He said the Bihar government was continuously doing the work of widening the road, building new schools and hospitals, but due to the increase in population, it was not enough.

Bablu said that in such a situation, there would be people fighting among themselves and that is why it is absolutely necessary to enact a population control law in Bihar.

But the Population Control Act is an issue that makes Janata Dal United uneasy. BJP raising this issue after giving green signal for caste based census is seen as an attempt to shake up Bihar CM.

When Janata Dal United State Chairman Umesh Kushwaha was asked about Bablu’s request to introduce the Population Control Act, he emphatically rejected the request, saying that Nitish Kumar was insisting on the need to educate girls, which would ultimately lead to population control.

Notably, Union Minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh has also repeatedly called for the passing of a population control law in the country.