BJP demands population control law in Bihar

Patna: Two days after attending the all-party meeting on caste census in Bihar, the BJP has intensified pressure on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to draft a population control law to to control the rampant population growth in the state.

Chief Minister Kumar, heading the NDA government of Bihar comprising BJP as its principal while HAM as its minor coalition partner, was determined to conduct a caste census in the state using his own resources , while all opposition parties also supported his decision to this end.

The BJP, after showing reluctance to start the caste census, finally accepted the proposal and participated in the all-party meeting convened to finalize the modalities of the caste census on June 1. But two days after the all-party meeting, Minister of Forestry and Climate Change Neeraj Singh Bablu of the BJP quota demanded the development of a population control law in Bihar to check the rampant growth of the population, in particular a community, a reference for Muslims.

Neeraj said bridges have now been cleared for caste census in Bihar using state government resources.
When conducting a caste census, care should also be taken to ensure that a large number of Bangladeshi infiltrators settled in the semi-Manchae region of Bihar can also be counted, he added.

The minister stressed that whether legal or illegal, Bangladeshis and Rohingyas should be counted in the semimanchal region of Bihar. Legal action must be taken against those found illegally residing in Bihar, he stressed. They should not be allowed to take advantage of the caste census to claim Indian citizenship, he said.

Neeraj, while demanding a population control law in Bihar, said there was a need to control the rampant population growth. In an indirect reference to the Muslim community, he said that the population growth of a
section of society had been unchecked.